Do you have a passion for apologetics in the African American community? Do you have gift for writing and defending the Christian faith? If so, would you consider contributing to our blog? We are searching for blog posts and short articles that fall into one or more of the following categories: devotional material, black liberation theology, the problem of evil, atheism, cults, world religions, social justice, the prosperity theology, and other areas that include apologetics in the African American context.

Suggested word count for the blog should range between 300-1,000 words.

All blogs and articles must be coherent with our statement of beliefs and the mission of the Jude 3 Project.

  • Write with clarity, faithfulness to the Bible, and with excellence.
  • Communicate your argument to the general audience at a popular reading level.
  • Please to do present incomplete thoughts or unfinished work.
  • Grammatical excellence is also a must. Blog post or articles with several serious errors will not be considered.
  • Please be patient as you wait for a response. We should respond within a few weeks.
  • Additional submissions are encouraged even if previous work was not selected. 

Please send your submission in a Word document to In the email please also include the following information: 

  1. A brief summary of your blog/article and a short biography. This biography should include your full name and any additional relevant information such as ministry position, academic credentials, and family status.
  2. The contributor should provide all contact information. This should be information you feel comfortable sharing with the general public such as email and social media handles.

Jude 3 Project does not offer any compensation for blogs, podcasts, or articles given.